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My name is Kashinga and welcome to my personal online income blog. I created this blog to help others make an income online successfully and assist those already making online income, increase their income.

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This blog will ensure that this great opportunity of making money online, either as passive income or as a full time venture, reaches as many people as possible.

Below is exactly how I got acquainted with the online world and what my path to success looks like online.


         Am a professional stay at home mum and really loving it. It has not always been like this. I used to be in full time employment which was quite frustrating and left me with no time for my family.

The organisations i worked for were mostly bureaucratic kind of organisations. You must understand that bureaucratic organisations never allow their employees to think outside the box as one has to follow through with all the laid down rules, procedures and policies.

My lifestyle became so monotonous and boring. I literally had no time for myself or my family and was so frustrated to the core.








My whole life changed and turned around for the best when I got married. The best part of it all is when my husband and i agreed that i could be a stay at home mum..something I had always dreamt of. I always saw myself self-employed and working from home. Something I have always known would give me more time to properly look after our kids and take care of my loving husband, at the same time follow my dream.

Taking care of my family and having more time with them is my first priority in life; my God given role as a loving wife which i treasure with all i am. My husband is a very supportive man who adequately provides for me and the children and has always encouraged me to follow my dream even if am a stay at home mum. This I appreciate so much.

He believes in me and my God given talent of helping people live and lead better lives. He encouraged me to follow through with my dream while staying at home. I never ever want to work again(as i hate being bossed around by a boss lol), I decided to pursue my dream through the internet by starting an online business.


My husband believes am a great superb wife who should never give up her dreams. It is then that I figured out the best way to do this.

I believe it is possible for me to work from home and make some passive income through various avenues like blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, reviews etc.

For starters I searched the internet for work at home jobs as a way of keeping myself busy but quickly realised that what I was finding online was not what I was really looking for and most of these companies were scams. Believe me, I was swindled and lied to along the way by so many fake work at home companies until I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

At Wealthy Affiliate, I built my first website all for free and without any web design expertise…all for free. I learnt how to blog and monitize my websites all at Wealthy Affiliate. I actually consider wealthy affiliate a university…it’s training is first class and can be compared to none.

At Wealthy Affiliate I learnt a trillion ways of earning money online which I will be sharing with you on my website.

I soon realized that at Wealthy Affiliate I could take any passion or interest and build a business online.

I now know that am a brand, and an expert. I also know that am a source of information online and so are you. And through time and effort, you too are going to become as industry expert.


Following my dream and being successful at it inspired me to share this great opportunity with the world. I want to show everyone that achieving financial independence and freedom is easier than you ever thought possible.

Don’t be scared to dream big, commit to doing what you love the most with excellence and dedicate yourself to a life long of learning. Before long, you will be and have the success you have always dreamt of, just unlock your inborn creativity.

Welcome aboard.




Hello! Like you, I was completely overwhelmed by the whole internet frenzy and just didn’t know how to start online until I began to acquire knowledge of different types of platforms I could use to operate an online business of my passion successfully. I now have great plans of action to succeed online. I also have great insights about how to increase engagement within my networks and social media platforms.I love creating content and increasing revenue while working at home, which gives me the much needed freedom to be with my lovely hubby and two children. To acquire knowledge and turn your passion into a business, click on the Certification course button below and sign up for a free account.

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