I have always known that I was a brand but didn’t exactly know how to bring that out or how to go about branding myself. It was when I started my online Business that I realised I had to package and market myself as a brand on the market.

I began with amplifying the most powerful parts of myself and started bringing them forward into the spotlight a lot more. I worked on leaving a powerful impression on the people I came into contact with.

I remember going to make a presentation at a certain organisation and when I was done, the company’s external consultants who were present when I was presenting approached me on the side and offered me a better deal than what the organisation I went to make a presentation to would have offered me.

All am saying is that the first impression you make when you speak or walk into a room, is what will sell you at first glance and leave everyone talking for a long time after you have long gone.


When you begin Branding yourself, you will have to leave a mark everywhere you pass and I mean everywhere, from the emails you write and send out, the conversations you have and the way you carry yourself in front of the camera. You will have to work on the consistent impression you make every day.

You will need to work on who you are and be different in a way that leaves a powerful impression on the people you come into contact with. This means your dressing will have to be in sync with who you are and the way you talk.

When I began working on myself I realised that I first needed to know who I was and what made me different from everyone. I began my journey of looking on the inside to see and find out who I was and what I was made off in order to really understand what makes me different.

I began my personality journey which also included revisiting my personal values, my beliefs, my voice and physical appearance. It was during this journey that I learnt how to embrace and love myself in a way that I deserved.

I realised that I was unique and there was only one me in the whole entire world, which already gave me an added advantage to stand out and be different from everyone in a number of ways.

It was after I had discovered who I really was and what I love to do that I was able to offer my clients the best service ever and I noticed that their trust in me and my services increased tremendously. And because they trusted me, they began selling and marketing me to their networks.


Note that people don’t care about your credentials / titles as much as they care about knowing who they are dealing with.

People first want to know the person holding those titles before they know what title you have. By the end of the day it all streams down to you as a person.

Once you have discovered who you are and put yourself out there, people will begin trusting you as a brand and only then will your titles be an added advantage. If you put your credentials first without letting the people know who you really are, you will drastically fail in your quest to succeed.

Even with all those high titles, you will still be expected to tell your clientele what problem you solve and how you solve the problem.

For example am so into helping people start-up their online businesses by assisting them build their websites and develop healthy relationships in order to achieve financial freedom in their lives.

All of us have all it takes to be successful; the issue is that most people don’t comprehend the journey they need to take in order to get there.


At this point you will have to go out there and begin to offer what you have with all diligence and prudence. Learn as much as you can about what you will be offering and make a decision to be a life learner in your field in order to stay ahead in your industry.

Always remember that every niche / passion is profitable regardless of how many people are already offering what you are offering. You are you, which will make you different and ensure that you stand out from the rest in the industry.

When I was ready to venture out, the first thing I did was to create a business website for free in order to reach as many current and potential clients as possible. Once the website was out there, I began branding my message in such a way that it would market and promote the value in the service I was offering.

Be careful enough to use appropriate and content related pictures and videos on your website. Such that when someone looks at the pictures or videos, they will right away have an idea of what problem you are solving.

Prepare the emails, social media posts, signatures and events in such a way that they all depict your brand. Make sure that who you are runs through what you do, what you create and who you serve. Ensure that everyone of these take on a unique feeling tone and sits well with your clientele.


Your uniqueness and confidence is what will make you stand out and attract the right people (clients & potential clients).

People are naturally drawn to things that stand out and are unique in nature. Therefore, it is so important for you to choose elements that are going to differentiate you from everyone else in your industry. And basically this where the essence of WHO YOU ARE comes in handy.

When you begin meeting people, your dressing too, ought to be addressed. The way you dress should be in sync with your brand and the way you talk and walk. You ought to walk and talk with confidence and dress appropriately and accordingly in order for people to trust you with their honest earned money.


As earlier mentioned, every brand is unique, just work on it. Once you align yourself with your message, people will trust and believe you. It is then that you can become the inspirational voice to them.

Trust in yourself; you are a great brand! So go all out and do what you know best. Make things happen don’t just sit there! Create a business and become an expert.

Hello! Like you, I was completely overwhelmed by the whole internet frenzy and just didn’t know how to start online until I began to acquire knowledge of different types of platforms I could use to operate an online business of my passion successfully. I now have great plans of action to succeed online. I also have great insights about how to increase engagement within my networks and social media platforms.I love creating content and increasing revenue while working at home, which gives me the much needed freedom to be with my lovely hubby and two children. To acquire knowledge and turn your passion into a business, click on the Certification course button below and sign up for a free account.

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